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6 Things to Bring to your Empowerment Session

Preparing for your empowerment sessions can be so much fun and also be a bit stressful if you're unsure of what to bring or wear.

I have created a list of 6 things that you should bring to your empowerment session but is NOT necessary, hopefully this will help you when you are picking stuff out :) You can bring more than what I suggest or you can bring less, it all depends on what kind of look you are going for during your time in front of the camera!


1. Heels

If you were debating on whether or not to bring heels I can tell you right now you definitely should! They can make your legs look longer ], they help define your leg muscles as well as make your booty pop out more! Who wouldn't want their booty to stick out a bit more in their empowerment session?! Heels are also great to bring to your session if you are someone who doesn't like their feet very much, this allows them to be covered up a bit more.

What kind of heels should you wear?

Well, ones that don't have a lot going on. Solid colours are great for shoes (Reds, black, greys and whites work best) That being said, if you want to bring some really fancy heels by all means bring them but they may be hard to work with. Pumps are great as well as regular closed toe heels. You want to bring knee high boots? Bring those bad boys as well! You really can't go wrong wearing heels


2. Knee High Socks

Don't we all love knee high socks?! I sure do, they look super cute and they're cozy. Even though you may not use knee high socks during your session they are a great thing to bring incase you do decide to use them. They have always been a favourite thing of mine that I like to wear when I get my professional photographs taken. If you are going for a cozier but still sexy vibe, socks can help make that happen for you! They are also great to bring if you aren't a fan of your own legs, this way you are able to cover up your legs a bit more. If you need to build up your confidence a bit more they will come in very handy. Black, Greys, whites and reds are all perfect coloured socks to wear. Comfort is key and they can help provide that to you :)


3. Stolkings & Garters

Don't share my secret but stockings and garters are my personal favourite piece of lingerie to wear in my photographs, maybe they're yours too! Stockings and Garters hug your thighs and hips which makes you look curvier. Stockings are great if you want to cover your legs but still look sexy during your empowerment session. Having the lace and mesh mix of stalkings they make your legs look sexier than they already are! Garters rest on your butt cheeks making your butt look more curved, appearing as if your butt pops out more. Everyone loves a bit of booty poppin' out. Garters can also make your hips look smaller when they are fitted properly, these are both great if you're trying to go for a steamy/sexy empowerment session. Try to bring some in that match your lingerie, this will make you look even better!


4. A T-shirt/Significant Others T-shirt

Baggy or loose it will work! Every client I have I always tell them to either bring a T-shirt or their significant others T-shirt. It is a great item to bring especially if you are uncomfortable at first, T-shirt's are always the ice breaker in most cases. They are fun and sexy while you are still comfortable. Bringing your significant others T-shirt is also great because what significant other doesn't like to see their woman in their clothing WHILE looking sexy in it! Wet T-shirt's are an option also if you don't mind getting yourself and the shirt wet. Who says we can't make a T-shirt look good? Bring it on.


5. Lingerie

What is your go to piece of lingerie when you want to feel and look hot? Mine is a body suit! Having fitted lingerie is a key thing to bring to your session. Whether it that may be a bodysuit, bra, bralette or underwear. Making sure everything fits properly will help your photographs turn out that much better, it will reduce love handles that may want to peak out. Having matching lingerie is also a key thing to keep in mind. It will make your photographs look more put together and in the end it will make you look that much more sexier! Solid colours are great for shoots, such as reds, black, white and greys. Patterns can sometimes be hard to work with depending on the set up of the studio you may be in. Lace is everyone's best friend!! You can't go wrong with lace. Do you have a lot of lingerie you want to bring? The more you bring the better! You can never bring too much lingerie.


6. Jewelry

Did you need an excuse to go get a few new pieces of jewelry? Writing this blog was my excuse to go buy these adorable necklaces! Jewelry is great to bring to your session as it can really pull your outfit together (or no outfit if you chose). It may seem silly to bring or wear but it can make a huge difference in photos. A little bit of sparkle never hurt anything! When picking out jewelry you don't want to get too bulky of pieces as it will stick out and not look as good in photographs, taking away from the main focus. Hoop earrings, bracelets and necklaces are great options to bring, you can even bring them all!! People can't usually find what is different in the photographs but they know that it looks better with it


Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed my 6 recommendations on what to bring to your empowerment session. These are all things I have learned from getting my own photographs taken as well as doing Empowerment Sessions! These are also just the main things I would suggest bringing if you don't know where to start. Planning for your session can be a lot of fun, feel free to leave a comment of what you want to bring to your session :)