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Tegart Concrete Pumping

Let's Get Pumpin'


I am so excited to share some amazing photographs from a promotional session with Tegart Concrete Pumping LTD.

Jeff is a long time family friend as well as a long time client of mine. I was so happy when he asked me to capture this idea of his! I mean why wouldn't he want to show off this awesome truck?! We had about a month to plan for this shoot as we had to wait for it to show up. Once it showed up I think it's safe to say we were all extremely excited to photograph it. 

The session itself was so much fun! The Natasha (the model) was so much amazing to work with. She is a natural at modelling.  I think the best part of the entire session was near the end when we were able to take out the hose and spray it around. It definitely created some cool photos and made the the session a little more eventful. The next best part of the session was me capturing Jeff with his personality (Look at the very last photo to find his personality)

I hope you all enjoy these photographs as much as I do! A beautiful Woman with an awesome truck creates some beautiful photographs <3