The Ultimate Wedding Photographers Shot Checklist

We all LOVE Freebies, more importantly we all LOVE checklists!

Wedding Photographer Checklist

I have created a FREE Wedding Photography Shot Checklist for all of my fellow photographers. Whether you are a professional or just starting out this is for you! Photographing Weddings can seem very scary, you don’t want to miss anything but that is why I am here.

Even though I suggest meeting with your clients before the big day to collect some notes of the shots they want captured. It can bring you some ease by having a shot list. This will help you remember all of the small important details.

In this checklist I have included all of the important shots from the very beginning of the Wedding Day to the end! Even though these aren’t all of the photographs I would take throughout the day, they are some of the most important ones. They are also photographs that I take at each Wedding. I always start each section of the Wedding with the most important/main photographs. This way I am left with more time for creative shots if time allows.

Here’s a little bit about my story

I began my photography Journey 8 years ago. I photographed my very FIRST wedding 5 years ago!! I was in no way a professional at the time. I was an ameture photographer with a passion! I never thought I would be photographing weddings or even people for that matter. My very first wedding was a referral from a family friend. The bride and groom could have cared less if they had a photographer for their day so this allowed me to capture it as an ameture! I had never photographed a wedding, I was occasionally photographing my friends for fun. At the time my true passion was landscape and macro photography.

Photographing this Wedding changed the game for me. All of the sudden Weddings were my jam! I was preparing for my very first Wedding, I made myself a little checklist. I mean, LITTLE. I didn’t really realize how much work they were; I also didn’t realize how important all of the photographs would be! I wish I would have had a full day checklist when I was just beginning my journey!

This is my advice to you, take a ton of photographs if this is your very first Wedding! Take them all, lol. Secondly, if you’re new to photographing Weddings second shooting/assisting are key! This will allow you to understand the flow of Weddings. The more Weddings you photograph the easier they become. You instantly know what photographs are important and you SHOULD be taking!

You can do what I did and just jump head first or you can make it easier on yourself and assist / second shoot! Whichever one you chose to do my checklist will help you through the day. I wish I had this detailed of a checklist for my very first Wedding so I’d love to provide you with one!

Receive your Ultimate Wedding Photographers Checklist by providing your email below! Check your inbox and It will be there for you to download <3

Happy Capturing and I hope my Ultimate Wedding Photographers Checklist helps you!

Edmonton Wedding Photographer | In-Home Couple Session

In-Home Styled Couple Session

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a stylized in-home couple session. I am seriously loving this session as Kennedi and River are the perfect couple!! Their love for each other is so pure. Since this was my first in-home session I am more than happy with how it turned out!  I can not wait to capture more couples in their home. I am all about the lifestyle and candid photographs to capture your personal love story! <3

I hit the heart of Edmonton in the early morning on Saturday. The session was held at the most amazing Airbnb!! I must admit… I wish that Airbnb was my apartment. It was an Instagram worthy apartment, the decorations and the layout of the place was beyond perfect. During the shoot Kennedi and River  made picture perfect pancakes. I had rolled out of bed and didn’t eat before hand so the pancakes looked and smelt amazing! They had warmed up hot water and brewed fresh coffee to drink. We turned on some music and danced to get some movement shots. Later Kennedi and River got cozy and cuddled so I could capture some more intimate photographs. We did everything from cooking to cuddling to dancing around to music!

Your session doesn’t have to be lame and boring! Instead you can have a great time while I capture candid photographs of your love. When I help my clients plan their photographs I want to make sure we are doing something they enjoy. That could be going for coffee at your favourite coffee shop. Going on a hike to the top of the mountain where he proposed. Anything that you both love to do as a couple will allow me to capture who you are as a couple. The photographs will be personal to you and will tell others what you love to do together.  Giving my clients little intimate/fun things to do will allow them to relax and be who they are. I never make them do anything that is outside of their comfort zone. Nothing will make a more awkward photograph than when your clients are uncomfortable!

During Kennedi’s and River’s session I had given them little things to do. This made them interact with each other which allowed me to capture their love. I didn’t have to give them many things to do as they were very natural and loved to interact with each other anyways. Kennedi and River made my job extremely easy as they were so natural in front of the camera.

I have always LOVED going to stylized sessions, whether I put my own together or I attend them. It allows me to connect with other local creatives! Meeting with other photographers allows you to grow by giving and receiving photography tips. Being a professional photographer can sometimes lead to others getting competitive. By going to stylized shoots and allowing other photographers to come creates a creative community rather than competition.

I’d like to Thank a few people who made this amazing session happen:

@ttb.styledsessions hosted by @vees_photos and @heyemiliesmith

Models @kennediraee and @rbeatts

Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-89 copy.jpg
Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-50 copy.jpg
Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-72 copy.jpg
Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-69 copy.jpg
Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-43 copy.jpg

Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-48 copy.jpg
Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-56 copy.jpg
Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-34 copy.jpg
Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-42 copy.jpg
Allie-knulls-photography-Edmonton-Wedding-Photographer-Kennedi&River-60 copy.jpg

I can’t wait to continue capturing different love stories in their homes. Being in the comfort of your home makes the session even more comfortable for your and your significant other. It makes the session more personalized to the both of you.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the In-Home Stylized Session I was able to attend. If you have any questions, comments or something you’d like me to talk about please leave me a comment. I would be more than happy to answer <3

P.S Photographers - Keep an eye out on my blog for a blog post on how to put together your own stylized session! There will be lot’s of useful tips and guidance on how to put together a shoot.

Stylized Elopement | TIMMS Centre for the Arts | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Stylized Elopement Session at the TIMMS Center

TIMMS Center for the Art | University of Alberta

In February I had put together my first very own stylized shoot. Being the first stylized shoot I have put together myself I decided to keep it very simple and elegant by doing an “Elopement”. This allowed me to still work with other local vendors but I was able to keep it simple. My main focus was to capture the love that elopements bring forward. After a successful stylized session I now have more confidence which will allow me to create and grow even more for the next session.  I will be planning another stylized shoot that has A LOT more detail in the near future so make sure to keep an eye out!

P.s if you’re a vendor in the Edmonton, Alberta area and you’d like to be apart of my next stylized shoot; head over to my contact page so we can talk about what we want to create! I’d love for all of our work to be published in a magazine for everyone to enjoy <3


I have a few amazing people to Thank for coming together and creating a beautiful stylized session. TC and Joben were absolute naturals when it came to modelling. Their love for each other was like no other. They made my job as a photographer more than easy. TC’s company (Mai Makeup, yes she does makeup and hair as well!)  also provided the hair services. She brought her hair stylist and she did a fantastic job! She kept TC’s hair long with a half up half down style while still looking elegant. These two also kept their Wedding attire on and went into the city for some dinner! There’s nothing better than pretending like you just got married ;)

Faith with Beckett Beauty provided us with her amazing makeup skills. Faith attended MC College and is a certified makeup artist in the Edmonton Area. She also travels, so if you’re having a destination wedding she can come to you! For the stylized Elopement we decided to go for a very simple smokey eye with a nude lip. Since the shoot was meant to be very intimate the makeup worked perfectly for this!

May with Blooms by May was so kind to provide a stunning bouquet and boutonniere for the shoot! The flower choices worked perfectly for the shoot. There was so much thought that went into the florals. May also has the most adorable floral store in the Bonnie Doon Center.


I have been lucky enough for work with Sonja a second time! She hand makes jewelry and it is absolutely stunning. For this stylized shoot she had decided to put some of her new work in it. She is working on her Vintage Collection and the pieces are beyond gorgeous! Sonja put’s so much time and love into her work and it definitely shows. I have been able to photograph some of her other jewelry for the Stylized Proposal at Abraham Lake.

This is also the second time I’ve been able to work with Dori with Jars of Clay Calligraphy. She was so kind and made these beautiful Vow Books with the models names on them! If you ever get the chance, attend one of her calligraphy classes. You won’t be disappointed <3

Stylized Elopement | TIMMS centre for the Arts | Edmonton Wedding Photgorapher

Putting together this stylized session made me realize how much work event planners have to do. Since I did all of the planning I realized there is so much more to it than just calling or email someone. Lot’s of the times event planners do all of the setting up as well as getting everyone together for the shoot/event. Part of me absolutely loves the planning and creating the “event”. I get to let my creative juices flow while still having a set schedule and knowing what exactly will be happening. The next one I decide to put together will be just as fun and so much more creative! I can’t wait to bring you along on the journey.

Stylized Shoots are amazing for professional photographers to get their names out. You’re able to submit your photographs to magazines or to have an ad on social media. To top it off not only you but everyone who participated in the stylized shoot gets copies of the photographs for their business’ and to share!

THANK YOU - I am so grateful to be trusted while capturing not only your Weddings but local Vendors. It is about having a community of creatives not a competition. In this community it is all about helping each other grow so I can’t wait to work with you!

P.S.  PRO PHOTOGRAPHERS - I will be writing a blog post on how to put together your very own stylized session! From creating a mood board to contacting vendors to submitting your photographs to magazines! Keep a lookout on my Facebook, Instagram and Website pages so you don’t miss the blog post. I can’t wait to help give you advice and photography tips! You can be the first one to read the blog post by subscribing to my email list!

I hope you all enjoy the photographs I have been so lucky to capture! I can not wait to one day capture your love story <3

With Love,

Allie Knull’s Photography

What do you do with your Wedding Photographs

What To Do With Your Wedding Photographs

You’re now married and you just had the Wedding of your dreams but you don’t know what to do with your Wedding Photographs! There are so many options for you to pick from. I always HIGHLY Encourage ALL of my clients to get the photographs printed, as a canvas or in an album. What was the point of having Wedding Photographs taken if they’re just going to sit on a USB that you never look at? You may end up looking at them once a year or every few years. There’s no better way to remember one of the best days of your lives than getting them up on your walls. By getting prints, canvas or an album not only will you be reminded but anyone who comes into your home will be able to see how beautiful of a day it was. There’s nothing better than walking into your home and seeing that photograph of you and your significant other standing at the altar saying “I do” to each other.

If you plan to get prints, canvas or albums most pro photographers suggest printing through them. They go through professional printing companies that will only allow professional photographers to print with them. This will ensure you are getting the best for your dime! Printing can get expensive but when you print through your photographer it will ensure they come out perfect.

  1. Canvas’  - When we order your canvas we will go over the size and the kind of paper you want. There are three different types of paper you get to pick from: Premium Luster, Enchanted Matte and Pearl. When picking the size(s) of the canvas(s) I can come to your home and help you decide on what will fit that area best. Canvas(s) can also come in black and white if you decide not to do color!

  2. Albums - The wedding albums are my personal favorite. These albums are Fresh | Clean | Modern | Timeless.  All of the spreads are printed on professional grade photographic paper in a high definition printing process.

With many sizes and Album covers to pick from; such as: Bamboo, Full Grain Leather, Synthetic Leather, Linen and Photo Wrap. There are many color options to pick from as well.

We can even add on a presentation box to keep your album safe. Cover Cameos (A mini photograph on the front of the album), laser engraving and aluminum plaques. These are little things that will make your album even more personal to you and your significant other. Wedding albums allow you to share your favorite photographs with anyone who comes into your home or if you go somewhere and want to share those memories.

3. Prints -All prints are printed on professional grade photographic paper in a high definition printing process. You are able to frame the prints and hang them on your wall. If you do smaller prints lots of people send them to close family members to have as a memory of the day.

4.  “Thank You Cards” - Another thing you can do with your photographs after your wedding: Print them into “Thank You” cards for everyone who attended your special day! You can also send these to anyone who wasn’t able to make it.

Printing your memories is so important. They are moments you will be reminded of every time you see them. When you decide to print your photographs we go over all of your options to make sure it is all personalized to your liking. I do not place any orders until you approve of EVERYTHING. If you can’t decide if you want prints, canvas’ or an album I have samples for you to view to help you make your decision! Being able to see all of the products in person makes the choice a lot easier.  Let’s get those memories off of your USB or laptop and in your home to view <3

Below are some photographs of the Wedding Albums I offer. The one below is a 8x8, Linen Charcoal Grey with a 2.5x2.5 Cameo with luster paper. This is only one of the sample albums I have for viewing. If you end up booking my services and you pick my largest package, I include an 8x8 as well as prints after your Wedding Photographs are completed! My other packages only include prints of your choice. That being said, if you plan to add to your package with more prints, canvas or albums we will make that happen for you!  It is important to me that each package includes physical product of your memories.


P.S  These are all great reasons to get your photographs printed even if you aren’t married. You’ve spent good money on hiring a professional photographer to capture your special moments, why wouldn’t you get prints?

From helping you pick the colors, type of paper, the layout to the size; I can not wait to help bring your memories into your home and not just on your USB stick!

Xoxo, Allison

Allie Knull’s Photography

Valentines Floral Workshop With Anita

A Valentine’s Floral Workshop With Anita

With Wedding Season a few months away I have been lucky enough to photograph different events going on around the city. Over the Weekend one of the events I photographed was a Valentines Floral Workshop! It was put together so well by Our Jonrah Events. Sarah had put so much thought and detail into the floral workshop.

Anita was the florist that taught everyone how to make a beautiful arrangement. I absolutely love capturing other people’s passions and Anita is very passionate about creating floral arrangements.

If you’re a creative person and love to make art Our Jonrah Events puts together all types of events for you to get your creative juices flowing! You might even see me at some of her events!


Venue - @foundryroom 

Florist - @floralsbyanita   

Calligrapher - @purposefulscript   

Balloons - @balloonsource 

Rentals - @rivercityevents  

Planner - @ourjonrahevents  

Favour - @bubblebathandsoapco 

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer!

As a Wedding Photographer there are a few VERY important questions you should be able to answer for your potential clients. Being prepared to answer these questions is key. This way they will leave understanding your style, prices and what they can expect when working with you. Each photographer may have different answers to these questions are there are no right or wrong answer.

Here are 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

This is how I would answer to my clients so be prepared for a different answer if you are hiring a different photographer. During the first meeting these are only a few of the questions I will answer for you, they will also be a lot more in depth when we meet in person.

  1. How would you describe your style?

    My photography style is moody, warm and candid. I am not a bright and airy photographer as I prefer to capture the warm skin tones and create mood in each photograph. I also love candid photographs as they aren’t posed and if they are they look very natural. This allows me to capture the moment rather than “create” a moment.

  2. Can I see a portfolio for a full Wedding?

    When we meet up in person I make sure to bring my photo albums that have client photographs as well as a full portfolio of different Weddings I have shot for you to look through. I want to make sure my client likes my style of work before they hire me.

  3. What kind of photo editing/post processing do you include?

    I will always touch up the skin, if it is red or has acne that is unwanted. I do not do any resizing of any person even if requested. I do not remove birthmarks or scars unless ask before hand. You can get a good idea of what my editing style will look like on my portfolio

  4. Can you explain what the packages include and if I can customize my own package?

    During the initial meet I will go over the packages I have available for you to pick from. If you want to make slight changes you are able to.

  5. How many hours are included?

    Depending on what package you decide to pick will determine how many hours you get. Additional hours can be added.

  6. How much is it for additional hours?

    For additional hours on your Wedding day my current rate is $250/hr

  7. Do the packages include a second photographer?

    2 out of the 3 packages include a second photographer. If you decide to pick the one that doesn’t and you would like a second photographer then one can be added for an additional cost.

  8. Can I see your contract

    During our meet I will provide a contract that you are able to look over, ask questions about and even bring home if you need to think about it before you sign it.

  9. What if you become sick or injured?

    If I were to get sick or injured I have to options available to you to pick from. One, I will do my best to find you a new photographer and one who I would hire myself. Two, I can refund you and you can find another photographer.

  10. Can you ensure us you have backup equipment?

    I will always have backup equipment with me, especially on a Wedding day. I make sure to bring an extra camera, lenses, memory cards etc. I would hate to have something happen and not have any back up.

During the first meeting with your Wedding Photographer there will be many questions you will ask besides these ones. As a Wedding Photographer these are some of the main questions you should ask your potential Wedding Photographer.