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In-Home Styled Couple Session

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a stylized in-home couple session. I am seriously loving this session as Kennedi and River are the perfect couple!! Their love for each other is so pure. Since this was my first in-home session I am more than happy with how it turned out!  I can not wait to capture more couples in their home. I am all about the lifestyle and candid photographs to capture your personal love story! <3

I hit the heart of Edmonton in the early morning on Saturday. The session was held at the most amazing Airbnb!! I must admit… I wish that Airbnb was my apartment. It was an Instagram worthy apartment, the decorations and the layout of the place was beyond perfect. During the shoot Kennedi and River  made picture perfect pancakes. I had rolled out of bed and didn’t eat before hand so the pancakes looked and smelt amazing! They had warmed up hot water and brewed fresh coffee to drink. We turned on some music and danced to get some movement shots. Later Kennedi and River got cozy and cuddled so I could capture some more intimate photographs. We did everything from cooking to cuddling to dancing around to music!

Your session doesn’t have to be lame and boring! Instead you can have a great time while I capture candid photographs of your love. When I help my clients plan their photographs I want to make sure we are doing something they enjoy. That could be going for coffee at your favourite coffee shop. Going on a hike to the top of the mountain where he proposed. Anything that you both love to do as a couple will allow me to capture who you are as a couple. The photographs will be personal to you and will tell others what you love to do together.  Giving my clients little intimate/fun things to do will allow them to relax and be who they are. I never make them do anything that is outside of their comfort zone. Nothing will make a more awkward photograph than when your clients are uncomfortable!

During Kennedi’s and River’s session I had given them little things to do. This made them interact with each other which allowed me to capture their love. I didn’t have to give them many things to do as they were very natural and loved to interact with each other anyways. Kennedi and River made my job extremely easy as they were so natural in front of the camera.

I have always LOVED going to stylized sessions, whether I put my own together or I attend them. It allows me to connect with other local creatives! Meeting with other photographers allows you to grow by giving and receiving photography tips. Being a professional photographer can sometimes lead to others getting competitive. By going to stylized shoots and allowing other photographers to come creates a creative community rather than competition.

I’d like to Thank a few people who made this amazing session happen:

@ttb.styledsessions hosted by @vees_photos and @heyemiliesmith

Models @kennediraee and @rbeatts

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I can’t wait to continue capturing different love stories in their homes. Being in the comfort of your home makes the session even more comfortable for your and your significant other. It makes the session more personalized to the both of you.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the In-Home Stylized Session I was able to attend. If you have any questions, comments or something you’d like me to talk about please leave me a comment. I would be more than happy to answer <3

P.S Photographers - Keep an eye out on my blog for a blog post on how to put together your own stylized session! There will be lot’s of useful tips and guidance on how to put together a shoot.