Stylized Proposal - Abraham Lake

Stylized Mountain Engagement

On October 13th I attended a Stylized Engagement Photoshoot at Abraham Lake about 25 minutes past Nordegg, Alberta! I must say the view in the Mountains was unbelievable. Crystal clear water and with fresh snow hitting the Mountains, it couldn’t be more stunning there! I have always wanted to do a stylized shoot and I have always wanted to go take photos in the Mountain so I could not say no to this opportunity <3

My day started off early because I had no idea where I was driving to, lol. I got all my stuff together and headed for the Mountains! It was lightly snowing while I drove until an hour before Nordegg. It started to pile down and the roads were a sheet of ice and slush. It was noon so I wasn’t expecting it to be icy. There was a point where I was going to turn around because It was so bad, driving through the mountains in it wasn’t very safe. I am glad I toughed it out because it was totally worth it!!

When I got there they had a cute little set up! They had a fire going with smores overlooking a lake and mountains! It was a perfect camping proposal set up. So many small details were put into this stylized shoot and it made it so special.

One of the best parts about this Stylized Engagement was the fact that this was also kind of the couples real proposal as well! During the shoot the couple had told us their real proposal story and I must say, it is quite funny. Brandi had decided to go on an adventure to find this Engagement ring and let’s just say she found it, in the spot she never looks. Colin figured putting it in that spot she would never find it because she never looks there right? I thought their story was still super cute and funny! During the “fake” proposal during the shoot it almost turned into a real one because this was the moment they didn’t exactly have during their proposal. This left them both so happy and in some tears <3 This made the moment so perfect and special!

During the day I captured so many special moments and I learned so much. When it came time to editing these I had a very hard time picking which ones were my favourites. I still can not decided which ones my favourites are! Below you will get to see some of the photographs I captured during this shoot!

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do! If anyone wants to go to the Mountains and get your photos done I am more than happy to travel to do them <3 I found a new love for them.


Stylized by: @ttb.styledsessions

Hosted by: Vanessa & Emilie

Jewellery: @Morethangold_bysonja , @Adamas.goldsmiths

Models: Brandi & Colin